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Scale your leadership ahead of your business


Confidently lead your business from the down-and-dirty work of a scrappy start-up into its next era of growth while showing you have what it takes to carry your impact beyond hands-on ops into the boardroom.

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Elevate leadership perspective and products

Transition from daily operations to strategic oversight to achieve a paradigm shift in leadership by bringing multi-horizon thinking to your decision-making. Create assets and systems that convey your direction without your presence. Offer rewards for provocative insights, innovation, and process improvement, and stay ahead of industry trends and internal challenges.

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Sustain your actualization culture

Extend your company's innovation culture to include refinement, scale, and evolution. Empower your management and talent to keep bringing their authentic selves to work so you can continue accessing their insights and contributions while delivering profound impact and keeping burnout and attrition low.

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Drive sustainable, purposeful growth

Refine and reaffirm your company's humanistic purpose while untangling your business model to identify new revenue opportunities, optimize operations, and sustain intimate customer relationships that propel your company into its next phase of expansion, securing its position as a market leader.

Show your sustained impact


report feeling that their transition into the boardroom didn't diminish their leadership effectiveness


saw key team members finding their leadership niche without feeling overworked or overburdened


consider Integral Productivity an essential partner for securing their company's prosperity and sustained leadership w/ the board

Explore how founder CEOs use Integral Productivity

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Leadership Evolution

Convert ambitious ideas into tangible theories of change and systems of action so you can bring your desired impact to life.

  • Define and map the shifts you want to see in the world
  • Identify, inspire, and engage your supporters
  • Develop adaptive paths and plans to convert your intentions to influence and impact
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Resiliency & Adaptability Building

Increase your capacity to face challenges, handle stress, and stay grounded across all parts of your life.

  • Map your priorities, imperatives, processes, and areas of focus into adaptive cycles
  • Find grounding and internal stability to improve your adaptive capacity and resilience
  • Organize your key areas of need into a structure that gives you direction and flexibility
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Personal Product Development

Create tangible knowledge-driven products so you can scale and perpetuate your impact on the world without relying on your direct engagement.

  • Identify your areas of influence and potential scale
  • Create knowledge resources and tools that instill, inspire, and engage others
  • Learn to organize, manage, and scale your toolbox as part of your personal brand
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Thao Lee Practice

Embodied Self

Engage in deliberate practice and muscle memory to embody the qualities of a seasoned executive, from strategic decision-making to effective communication and team leadership.

  • Build personal habits and routines to match the complexity of your life and vision
  • Engage yourself in intentional sessions to make reliable advancements to commitments
  • Set up study and practice routines to test and instill your desired behavior, skill, or competence
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Double-Down Bets

Identify momentum in the market, business, and yourself with still untapped potential to concentrate your resources.

  • Identify the opportunities you may be seeking to prove AND what you're sacrificing to do so
  • Define your Self-to-Scale plan and Overcommitment plan
  • Monitor your impact and stay in control
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Customer Actualization

Take your products, services, and customer experience beyond the transactional into the transformational.

  • Set the scene with research, trend spotting, and scenario planning to see where your customers are going
  • Define your critical role in how your customers build their world
  • Integrate your customer experience, product, and service strategy with feedback systems and governance
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Employee & Workforce Actualization

Turn work into experiences that engage your employees on their integrated development journey.

  • Set the scene with research, labor and lifestyle trend spotting, and scenario planning to see where your customers are going
  • Define your critical role in how your employees find professional and personal fulfillment
  • Integrate your employee experience into your market-facing strategy and operations with feedback systems and guidance
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It was a great experience working with Focus theme. We highly recommend it! Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia.

Margaret Fitch, Acme

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