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Actualize Better

How you actualize is as important as what you're actualizing.

Actualize Better

How you actualize is as important as what you're actualizing

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What Does It Mean to Actualize Better?

There is a fallacy that to actualize, you must first meet all your other basic and psychological needs. You need to have safety, belonging, love, esteem, and status to create the conditions for you to discover your authentic self. This leads people to possessiveness and hoarding, especially for status, power, and financial resources, while sacrificing a focus on their deeper needs and humanity. Having it all is good, right?

At Integral Productivity, we see this is disempowering logic, and there's a better way to actualize—a way to actualize better. Actualizing better is bringing meaning to every moment instead of waiting for your epiphany. It's not following others' programs and learning to be the developer of your own code. It's realizing that your actualization is interdependent with others, so we actualize together, even when it's hard. It's recognizing that every individual has a fundamental right to actualize, so your actualization should not oppress others and vice versa. 

Actualizing better is living authentically and fulfilling your potential — with a healing and resilient spirit.

Today, the most actualized people really do put humanity first. They actualize through the environment they inspire and create to help everyone find the freedom to be their authentic selves, by finding belonging in their common need to fulfill their potential, not just in this lifetime but for generations to come. There are many ways to actualize, but there are a few ways to actualize better. Learn how to get started with us.


% of people are waiting for financial independence to start actualizing themselves


% of people say they feel lonely on their actualization journey despite having close friends, family, and partners


% of people agree they want more fulfillment from their careers and lives than is offered or facilitated today

How Integral Productivity Actualizes Better

Many businesses and coaches say they "want to help people achieve their goals," but they just want to get them hooked on convenience and quick, temporary dopamine hits while trying to maximize profits at the expense of a humane purpose. We've made our own mistakes over the years when it comes to helping people achieve their goals, but we want to make it better. That's why we created the Actualization Code – a shared set of principles and beliefs on how to enable the actualization of people and humanity. Because when the people we touch actualize, we do, too.

The Actualization Code Tenets

Check out a few of our favorite tenets to learn more about some of the changes Integral Productivity made to help actualize its people, customers, and community.

Bring meaning to every moment, starting now

Listen to your inner "ick" about how your unmet needs and potential affect your experience. Commitment to learning from and acting on these moments. 

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You're the developer of your own program.

You don't have to follow someone else's program. Take ownership of learning the "code" that drives you to build and evolve a program that works for you where you are.

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Actualize together, even when it's hard

Self- and collective actualization are inextricable. Fulfilling our own potential is only possible when others can fulfill theirs. We help each other up even when it's tough.

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My actualization is not oppressing you

Every individual has a fundamental right to actualize in their own direction as long as it doesn't oppress or deny anyone their humanity and right to exist.

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The Complete Actualization Code

Create experiences for yourself and others that make living authentically and reaching their potential a welcome reality.

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How Our Customers Actualize Better

Think the folks at Integral Productivity are the only people striving to grow better? Think again! Our community members and clients regularly remind us what it means to actualize. 

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She packed her seven versalia her initial into the belt and made herself on the way her home.


She packed her seven versalia her initial into the belt and made herself on the way her home.

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She packed her seven versalia her initial into the belt and made herself on the way her home.

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The Flywheel Model

People who actualize better adopt a different model of actualization. The conventional actualization model is like an escalator, putting all the initial focus on self-sufficiency and individualistic success, viewing actualization as an output or foregone conclusion. That may have worked in the past for some when the world moved more slowly and hard work paid off, but we can see the world is much more dynamic now and even basic liberties can't be taken for granted. It's time to rethink actualization. That's where the flywheel comes into play.

Actualization Flywheel

The flywheel visually unites separate aspects of experience around a singular focus: your actualization. It's your responsibility to sense, frame, focus, and make strides in your actualization experience. The greater a leader you are, the more you help others learn how to do it as well. When you are aligned around the flywheel, you build unstoppable momentum toward a holistic joy in life for yourself and anyone who interacts with you.

Move from the escalator to the flywheel.

How You Can Actualize Better

Ready to actualize better? Check out the resources below to learn how you can live more authentically and fulfill your potential. Humanity will thank you.

What is Adaptive Actualization?

Learn how to step off the Actualization Escalator, so you can bring your authentic self and fulfill your potential as part of your everyday experience.

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Discover Actualization Coaching

Learn more about how coaching can be integral to boosting your actualization experience. 

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Schedule Your Free Consultation

Talk to a coach today about your current actualization journey and explore what you can do together to actualize better. 

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Join the Integrators Community

Find others on their actualization journey who are ready to support each other to make the world better.

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Download the Actualization Self-Assessment Workbook

Want to get a better sense of where you might be able to actualize better on your own? Download our free workbook to get started. 

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