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No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds

Free and heavily discounted community memberships and services

Inspired by edge-of-culture communities

Philanthropy is nothing new in the counter-culture world. "No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds" (NOTAFLOF) is a norm for most products and services at Integral Productivity. 

Joining the Pledge 1% movement

We decided to combine our NOTAFLOF mindset with a global corporate movement called "Pledge 1%." Pledge 1% is a simple model that helps businesses have a positive impact on the world. Integral Productivity has joined the 18,000 companies that pledge to donate 1% of their time and product for good, and we promise that will be the bare minimum of our pledge, not a max target. 

Integral Productivity is committed to inclusion

Integral Productivity is committed to being part of the Pledge 1% community and ensuring that EVERYONE can achieve everyday actualization. As part of our 1% pledge, we commit to donate at least 1% of our resources to free and heavily discounted community memberships and services.

Pledge 1 Percent


We understand that people have different needs, resources, and preferences. Therefore, we offer the following options. Limitations on how much you can use these benefits may apply.

Sliding Scale Pricing

Pay relative to your organizational/income level, with discounts off the standard price.

Please, remember to cancel the auto-renew; otherwise services and membership will renew at full price.

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Free Trials

Get up to 1 month free of our services or membership to see if we're right for you.

Please remember to cancel the auto-renew; otherwise, services and membership will renew at full price.



Our Hardship Program is $0 for those who absolutely cannot afford our sliding scale services or memberships.  Please contact info@integralproductivity to request this access.


Stay updated on events and happenings

Community values


We aim to show great care and kindness to ourselves and one another. While we are all trying to fulfill our potential, we don't beat ourselves up about it. We also don't interact with each other like faceless trolls in an online comment section--we speak to each other assuming that we're all trying our very best, given our emotional resources and circumstances, to be excellent to one another while taking care of ourselves. 


Actualization takes accountability to ourselves and each other for our behaviors and our impacts. Along our actualization journey, we'll likely test boundaries along the way. Sometimes, we hurt people without knowing it. We listen carefully to what someone is saying. We ask questions when we don't understand, asking questions that further our understanding, not challenging the hurt person to justify their hurt. We admit that we've had an impact, even if it's not one that we intended. We take responsibility for the parts we own and apologize to the appropriate parties. 


We come from a huge range of backgrounds and experiences. We grew up in different home cultures. We learned to think and speak about the world in fairly different ways. We all had wildly divergent life experiences before we converged in Integral Productivity. We are also power-informed, giving the stage to marginalized voices. We will not tolerate members disparaging other people's core abilities or social identities (race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, physical appearance, or physical, intellectual, or emotional ability.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's Integral Productivity for?

We welcome everyone who shares our community values and wants to fulfill their potential as they define it. In the Integrators Community, you can connect organically with neurodiverse, queer, creative, conscious, and alternative people through meaningful shared experiences and co-creation. We strive to be inclusive for all neurotypes, genders, sexualities, relationship orientations, and interests. You are welcome here.

How much do the community and various services cost?

Check out specific pages under the What We Do heading to find what each service costs. Nearly every community tier or service has a low- or no-cost option.

How do I join the Integrators Community?

First, sign up through the What We Do → For Individuals → Community link. Second, download the Circle Communities app from the App Store.

What types of events are there in the Integrators Community?

We have many different kinds of events, from informal discussions and drop-in hours to showcases, webinars, and courses. Each event has a description to let you know what to expect.

You are welcome here

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A neurodivergent and queer-led company with community-driven values

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Self-paced actualization and organic connections in-community with neurodiverse, creative, queer, conscious, and alternative people

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