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Who We Are

Our mission is to create spaces and enable people—individually and collectively—to actualize themselves toward collective liberation, global healing, and civilizational resilience


Actualization matters. And it's time to actualize better.

Given the state of world affairs, the typical greeting, "I hope you are well," should be replaced with something like, "I hope you are managing the trauma of the human experience."

Many of us have grown up in a world where we are told one thing about the experience we're supposed to have in the world while observing another, often the opposite. From unrealized promises of our basic safety and security to financial opportunity and success to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work and places we want to call home, something isn't right.

Even worse, we are often expected to accept the dissonance we experience, that it'll all work out eventually, and that the problem is in us, wanting too much too quickly. This is hypernormalization.

As a result, we find ourselves suppressing our self-expression, masking ourselves to fit in, and isolating ourselves in an attempt to become self-sufficient instead of engaging others. Key elements that form our identity, such as race, sexuality, gender, and neurodiversity, are ignored or denied their right to exist. We experience sustained trauma and have a hard time finding rest as we try to outrun the people who cling to what is supposed to be "normal." 

Actualization, individually and collectively, is the key to overcoming hypernormalization.

Actualization is experiencing joy in being our authentic selves. Actualization is fulfilling and expanding the potential we have within us. 

Actualization starts with healing. But healing is not about getting "back to normal." That normal never existed; it's just perpetuated by those in power as a way to pathologize anything that isn't what perpetuates dominance. Healing is about unlearning how we block out and ignore the signals of our suffering and accept our suffering in an attempt to be "normal." 

As we heal, we need to figure out what to do with our healed selves. We spend so much time in our lives healing that we often don't know what to do with ourselves once we are healed. So thriving is about finding and pursuing the purpose connected with our potential. Even better, thriving is when we look beyond ourselves to help others and help build the personal and civilizational resilience to persist through accelerating change.

In a world of hyper-normalization, learning to actualize is a form of resistance. And in resistance, we find joy.

Most people never learned what actualization is, so in a hyper-normalized world, we're left to our imaginations.

As a result, many people see actualization as an epiphany or freedom they'll be granted once they possess the right things or have the right experiences. Others discount it to seeing actualization as a process of fulfilling their more basic or psychological needs, what we call the Actualization Escalator.

If we are to start experiencing joy in being our authentic selves and fulfilling our potential today, we need to learn how to bring meaning into every moment. We need to stop assimilating to the hyper-normalized world and start paying attention to the signals of what we need to have a role in changing. 

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Actualization is complex, and it can quickly become messy and chaotic if we treat it as an excuse to be totally self-centered.

We need to agree on some conventions for engaging ourselves and each other in our actualization work. In complex problems, strict rules are brittle and easily broken, but guiding principles are more easily applied. 

That's why we created the Actualization Code, a set of tenets to guide people, organizations, and communities to foster a culture that supports everyone through their actualization experience.

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We go beyond feel-good hype and visioning to ensure you reliably execute, learn from, and adapt your actualization to the changing world.

When you want to actualize yourself, you'll need someone who can help you build and sustain momentum through change.

Many self-proclaimed life coaches offer direction and suggestions, but most struggle to make things practical or have a hard time articulating their methodology. Friends and family can be great for hyping you up when you need it, but exploring beyond the boundaries of your relationships or seeking accountability can create strain. Therapists can help you understand what's happening inside your mind and how you got there, but they're limited in speaking from their own experience or offering specific guidance. And going it alone can leave us feeling ever more isolated.

Whatever your career stage, specialization, or identity, we give you the executive effectiveness, transparency, bravery, accountability, and lived perspective you need to actualize.

Our approach to adaptive actualization

Adaptive Actualization Phases-1

What is Adaptive Actualization?

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We bring ecosystem and enterprise leadership and transformation experience to the individual while helping you bring your humanity into the larger world

Engineering Design Lady

Your greatest potential goes beyond yourself. It can connect teams, organizations, and communities to drive important change in the world while building and perpetuating the cultural touchstones you hold dear.

To fulfill it, you need a partner who is fluent across multiple scopes of complexity and time-spans of control. For more than 25 years, we've helped leaders design and implement transformational change in their industries, organizations, and themselves. 

We bring a wealth of strategy and management experience, design and product thinking, and technology-enabled transformation expertise to fuel your collective change along with the individualized leadership and personal coaching skills and practice to help your own evolution.


We know there's no one right way, so we start building from where you are and what matters to you

We are compassionate listeners and contextual thinkers who value engaging diverse perspectives, taking tangible action, and exchanging constructive feedback.

We truly believe there is no one right way to do something. We're always learning and integrating new thinking and insights into our approach, and we give credit where it's due to the lineage of ideas and solutions.

We take our own actualization seriously, and we continue working on our own anti-racism, decolonization, allyship, and more. When you think we can do better, tell us.

Actualization is what we do.

We help people become who they want to be. We are player/coaches: people actively on the field themselves and in the game who are also ready to help others in getting perspective and explore viable ways to play the best they can. 

We help bring vivid clarity to context, purpose, and vision. We frame the potential in practical scenarios. We help establish meaningful, actionable feedback systems that create a virtuous cycle of personal development and effectiveness leading toward actualization. 

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And this is how.

We don't leave personal development purely to chance or treat it as a "nice to have;" it's an essential part of making every experience truly meaningful. Healing and growth on a regular basis take deliberate energy, and we channel that energy into building and sustaining architectures and systems to support ourselves.

We channel the triple braid of personal development, productivity, and autonomation (automation with a human touch) to help people connect big ideas and intense feelings to practical action and execution. 

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Our culture


Our context

Despite the revolutionary movements of the '60s and '70s, civilization continues to face greater and greater peril. People are increasingly insecure and divided across all facets of their lives and work. Digital technology has become more deeply integrated into our daily experiences, often stealing our attention from the present moment and feelings of embodiment. The COVID-19 pandemic showed the fragility of our health and care systems. Inequities and systemic injustices are becoming more visible while protections are disappearing before our eyes. 

Altogether, humanity is experiencing an exponential increase in the cognitive dissonance we face daily. This hurts our well-being, stealing our reserves of adaptive capacity for survival over growth and often causing complex trauma along the way. Left unattended and without the words and systems to express ourselves, this spills into violence for some.

This is unsustainable. Our civilization is in need of change to heal itself. 

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Our story

Integral Productivity is founded on the premise that deliberately enabling self-actualization is one of the most critical imperatives of our time. And a key part of that is helping people learn why they have to actualize, and how to actualize better.

We are sensitive to the struggles and tensions that people worldwide face. It's become too much to bear without a paradigm shift in how we approach our lives and work.

We're tired. Tired of "hustle culture" and social media and how our "free time" no longer seems free. Tired of products and services that act like slot machines begging for more change to operate but delivering little value. Tired of extractive work experiences that create scale without substance. Tired of inequity and the willful blindness of so many toward each other's needs and the opportunities to unite and help.

Yet we persist. We persist because we feel gifted with diverse experience, knowledge, skills, insight, growth, relationships, and privilege that have helped us, and we want to continue to use them to help others. 


Our values

As a community and network of impactful Integrators, we come from diverse backgrounds but come together based on a shared set of tenets for seeking and encouraging others to pursue actualization: the Actualization Code.

We believe that such a focus will help society resolve the existential dissonance it currently faces by helping people become more sensitive to themselves and others, attuned to experience, purposeful in behavior, adept at healing, and resilient in the face of challenge. As we learn to heal individually, so can our communities, and civilization becomes more resilient and capable of greater things.



Our history

While our business is new, we have been developing, applying, and evolving our philosophy, methods, tools, and talent for decades.

Since the late 90s, we have been at the forefront of driving and enabling transformative change in IT, Agile, digital, and post-digital business. Through these experiences, we learned how important the "why" and "who" are behind every transformation.

The why, mapped across multiple levels of complexity and time, reveals the uniting purpose of a change effort and true value of such an investment.  And the who is essential to ensuring that people are involved in designing the change for themselves, not forced upon them.

Meet Kraig


Kraig Parkinson

Founder and Coach

Kraig (he/him/theirs) is a purpose-centered leader with an unwavering humanistic vision. With over 25 years of transformation experience, he is consistently enabling individuals, teams, and multinational businesses to reach closer to their world-changing potential. Kraig continues discovering new things about himself and the world through deliberate curiosity, study, and self-reflection across diverse interests that include psychology, pedagogy, technology, design thinking, and critical theory. Kraig previously served as the Vice President of Product at Pariveda Solutions and multiple roles at Thoughtworks.

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