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Engaging with each other is essential to our actualization. Join events where you can meet others who share your passion for actualization and discover more ways to develop toward your potential.

Upcoming Events

April 2024

Multi-ethnic business team meeting

Integrators Community Exclusive – Q&A: Adaptive Actualization

Meet and discuss the Adaptive Actualization Methodology with Kraig Parkinson, Founder and Chief Actualization Officer.

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May 2024

Integrators Community Exclusive – Q&A: The Actualization Flywheel

Bring your questions and ideas on how to build your Actualization Flywheel.

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Integrators Community Exclusive – Q&A: The Actualization Code

Ask, discuss, and share how you can use the Actualization Code in your relationships, team, family, and community. 

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June 2024

Actualization Flywheel

Accelerate Your Growth: Build Your Actualization Flywheel

Join Kraig Parkinson, Chief Actualization Officer for Integral Productivity, on Friday, Jun 14 at 3 p.m. Eastern/noon Pacific to learn how to use the Flywheel to build momentum along your self-actualization journey.

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Every event offers me new insights and ways to think that I hadn't considered before. I'm always excited to see what's next.

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It's been so much fun getting to know other people who are also ready to share so much about their journey. I feel so much less alone!

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