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Who We Serve

Emerging and Liminal Leaders

You have an undeniable drive to be of service to others. You believe you can make an outsized impact above what you already make. You're at an inflection point where you realize that transforming what you do and how you do it is necessary to lead others and sustain your health and happiness. Whether facing your first leadership position or reinventing yourself yet again, you have the humility to know you still need help. You're seeking perspectives, frameworks, and tools to make a paradigm shift in the workflow and systems you and perhaps your team use to process, organize, execute, and learn. We bring our experience through self-revolutions to help you deliver on your dreams.

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Neurodivergent Professionals

Your differences make a difference. You've learned that the predominantly neurotypical world, including work, doesn't tend to support your needs or leverage your strengths. Nonetheless, you need to meet your professional demands to deliver. You're excited to show your talent and find more opportunities to unmask. You're looking for ideas, frameworks, and solutions that work well with your unique needs. You're committed to experimenting and evolving what it takes to succeed and grow. We're neurodivergent, too; we'll have a blast working together. We also love to partner with people in your ecology from caregivers to executives, HR, and DEI program leaders to create more supportive environments. We've spent our lives developing the platforms and spaces we need to be, have, and do our best, and we want to share that with you.

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Purpose-Driven Executive Teams

You're in business for more than money; you're hungry to make a triple-bottom-line impact for people, profit, and the planet through the existence of your company. You want to marshal the collective energies of everyone in your organization to solve complex civilizational problems while ensuring your people stay engaged toward their potential. We help executive teams revitalize and reinvent their business, organization, and ecosystem to make a profound impact.

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Private Equity Leaders

You are a discerning buyer or leader of operating companies that show promise for environmental, social, and economic good. You want to maximize your operating company's potential by amplifying its latent purpose and talent, not turning it over. You need professional service providers to help you succeed, and you value partners that go beyond the easy money to deliver sustainable transformation. Whether you are leading an evolution or transformation, you want to make investments that pay off for generations.

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