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Connect with other Integrators, people who are passionate about developing themselves and their communities toward their highest potential.

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Be part of lifting each other up to live our authentic lives.

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Level up your actualization skills and thinking with a community that gets nerdy on this stuff and bring your learning back to help others grow.

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We all have topics and interests that really get us glowing. Come share and grow yours with people who share your excitement.

The Integrators Community is rooted in virtual events and real-world experiences where people find support and learn together — and from one another — about self and community actualization, purposeful productivity, and autonomation.


As an Integrator, you'll have access to...



We bring together people with actualization-positive values who are committed to treating themselves and one another with validation for our lived experience, compassion for our struggles, celebration of our discovery and potential, accountability to each other and the world, and support for each other's actualization. We expect this whether we interact online in our community platform or in-person at an event or retreat.

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Kraig Parkinson offers personal coaching on adaptive actualization, personal and professional development, purposeful productivity, autonomation (automation with a human touch), and more.

He also offers business coaching on a range of topics including post-conventional leadership development, conscious entrepreneurship and strategy, customer experience, employee experience, service design, and product portfolio management.

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Thao Lee Practice


Integrators are voracious learners of psychology, philosophy, science, futurism, critical theory, and the world. You'll have early access to classes, workshops, lectures, discussion forums, and interviews, along with curated lists of resources. Get to know the extended ecosystem of experts, bodies of knowledge, communities, and creators that influence us.



In our community platform, we frequently create and host virtual events: drop-in hours, meet-and-greets, topic-based discussions, workshops, forums, community-building sessions, and more. We want to keep our members connected regardless of geography because everyone deserves inclusion and belonging.

Integral Productivity also creates periodic in-person experiences in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, such as meet-ups, live workshops, and retreats, because sometimes actualization takes that extra bit of connection in the same physical space. 

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Integrators are passionate makers of solutions that help themselves and others discover and practice do what matters most. Download card decks, templates, checklists, Apple Shortcuts, macros, and other community-made products to use for your own needs.

What our members say


"I didn't realize there were other people who actively thought about their actualization. I thought I was so alone, and now I know I'm not."

Member, mid-30s


"I finally have more people to talk with about the big things I'm learning and thinking about in my life other than my partner and closest friends, who I probably annoy by talking so much about it. :)"



"The Integrators Community with Kraig's leadership is becoming more important to me all the time. I feel like I'm met with full consideration of my perspective without correction."



We offer pricing for everyone.

Pay for what you need. And pay based on your means with our No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds program.

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Lite Membership

For people excited to meet other integrators and engage them in their actualization journey



  • Pricing Free seven-day trial, $9 monthly with discounts for more extended subscription periods, automatic renewal.
  • Real-time chat Talk in real time over chat to connect with other integrators on your pressing needs
  • Topic channels Plenty of channels to explore the passions and special interests of our community
  • Codesign Portal Share your ideas and feedback on the services and solutions on our roadmap and suggest what you'd like to see next
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Pro Membership

For people ready to get nerdy about their development with the boost of bonus curated materials to guide their development



  • Pricing Free one-month trial, $29 monthly with discounts for more extended subscription periods, automatic renewal.
  • Everything in Lite
  • Integrators Knowledge Base On-demand access to curated tips, tricks, videos, essential patterns, and guides
  • Downloadable Goodies Downloadable automation and plugins for key applications and tools like OmniFocus, Keyboard Maestro, and Apple Shortcuts
  • Technology Radar access Exclusive access to our quarterly review of relevant technologies and methods
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Community Patron

Show your support for the Integrators community



  • Pricing Free one-month trial, $49 monthly with discounts for more extended subscription periods, automatic renewal.
  • Everything in Pro
  • Early access Get access to emerging ideas, new articles, guides, and more before they're published
  • Facilitated intros Stay connected and engage more deeply in the community with 1:1 and group discussions
  • Exclusive Patron Badge Get a badge that shows off your support to the community
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