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At Integral Productivity, we help you build teams that thrive in the face of challenges. Your team building and management culture needs to blend collective purpose and agreements with individual attention to daily and long-term needs. That way you can sustainably get the best of everyone in a way that helps your business take on increasingly complex work while tending to who your employees want to become. 

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Building and sustaining high performance in teams and groups

Our clients come to us when they recognize their teams need to take on complex challenges that go far deeper than what the plan reveals. They see how blending purpose-driven engagement with team agreements enables every team member to play to their strengths and unique needs. We help our clients invigorate their teams to create impact and engagement.



We set the scene for your team development and management changes through engaging one-on-one interviews, team reflection, and scenario planning to define what your teams see as key parts of their successes to date and challenge ahead.


Design of the Ask

Next, we clarify the purpose and context of your team as a unit in the greater whole. Teams can only be responsive and effective when they're clear about their contribution to the whole and what the environment is committed to offering them. 



Finally, we help you mobilize your team by building adaptive agreements, creative routines, and highly-sensitive feedback systems that convert purpose to action to continous learning. From here, your teams will enter a virtuous cycle of performance and growth. 

Engaging diverse teams

We understand team engagement and actualization is a management priority that is just as important as planning and execution. We're proud of our ability to bring teams of diverse personalities and skills together around a shared transformational mission.

Complex challenges

We're no strangers to complexity. Building high-performing teams responsive to rapid business pivots and new information requires a strong sense of how every player is ready to meet the challenge and the resources available. We have decades of expertise in leading teams to learn how to be their best in the messiest of problem spaces.

Onsite, virtual, distributed, and hybrid expertise

Team engagement needs to happen, everywhere your people are. Each situation has its own benefits and challenges, but make no mistake: every one of them can be effective. Our expertise includes shaping and revitalizing all kinds of team setups and scales for over twenty years.


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