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Find your flow, faster.

Launch into your career and enter the workforce productively while building a life you love.


Get started into your work with confidence

Increase your capacity to "drink from the firehose" when you onboard into your job, team, and new company, knowing you have a net to catch and process everything that comes your way. 


Keep pace with all of your commitments

Set up and manage your schedule and productive habits in alignment with your breadth of personal and professional activities while maintaining great relationships with everyone important to you. 


Stay aligned and balanced with your vision

Keep making and managing your progress and growth across all aspects of your life so you never lose sight of who you are and learn to keep discovering more of your full potential. 

Develop your effectiveness and build your own life


report feeling more capable of handling emerging demands without losing track of anything


see 3x improved reliability in keeping their personal and professional commitments


consider Integral Productivity as key to achieving a sustainable start to their professional era

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Executive Effectiveness

Get more done with the confidence that you can take on anything that comes your way, whether you're neurodivergent or neurotypical.

  • Organize and program your calendar, tasks, projects, and reference systems to ensure you have the space and control to get things done with easy access to what you need
  • Define, track, and automate stackable measures of progress, success, and fulfillment
  • Instill triple-loop learning in anything you set out to do
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Resilience & Adaptability Building

Increase your capacity to face challenges, handle stress, and stay grounded across all parts of your life.

  • Map your priorities, imperatives, processes, and areas of focus into adaptive cycles
  • Find grounding and internal stability to improve your adaptive capacity and resilience
  • Organize your key areas of need into a structure that gives you direction and flexibility
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Mandated Mission

Harness the internal forces compelling you to reach your human potential.

  • Identify your lived experiences and personal crises that compose your inherent drive, passion, and perseverance
  • Define and commit to your authentic engagement model in relationship to others
  • Map and see your radiance in your family social circles, communities, organizations, and culture
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System-Driven Performance

Set up and build your technology and tools to get into a flow state and stay there as long as you need.

  • Learn to identify, develop, and implement improvements to your jobs, routines, and processes
  • Define and develop your process and asset libraries
  • Develop shortcuts, automation, and integrations to simplify and reinforce your commitments
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It was a great experience working with Focus theme. We highly recommend it! Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia.

New Professional

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. It was a great experience working with Focus theme.

Cole Sullivan

It was a great experience working with Focus theme. We highly recommend it! Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia.

Margaret Fitch, Acme

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