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At Integral Productivity, we help you turn work into experiences that engage your employees in their integrated development journeys. Your employee actualization experience is a blend of day-to-day management approaches and long-term career development design that help your employees become who they want to be. 

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Developing a employee actualization journey

Our clients come to us when they recognize their employee engagement needs to go deeper than surface-level improvements into purpose-driven engagement coupled with embodied, long-term growth. We help our clients create breakthrough changes to employee relationships and mobilization.



We set the scene for your employee actualization strategy through employee research, trend spotting and analysis, and scenario planning to define the world your people want to make.


Design of the Ask

Next, we define your company and leadership's role in enabling this experience by defining opportunities through job experiences and design, work alignment, and career pathways to create lasting engagement and commit everyone to fulfilling themselves and the collective mission.



Finally, we help you activate your employee actualization strategy by integrating these components with your market-facing strategy and operations with feedback systems that help you keep it all together and build virtuous cycles of improvement.

Uniting leadership teams

We understand employee engagement and actualization is a CEO and board-level priority, impacting your business and sustainability strategy. We're proud of our ability to bring executives, stakeholders, and key functions together around a shared transformational mission.

Complex design excellence

We're no strangers to complexity. Designing experiences that last across years and decades requires foresight, monitoring, and adaptability. We have perspectives and expertise in leading the launch and evolution of paradigm-shifting solutions and transformational business changes.

B-Corp and traditional expertise

Employee engagement and actualization may appear just for purpose-driven businesses and non-profits, but it's just as crucial for traditional businesses, too. All companies can benefit from reengaging and revitalizing their purpose for modern generational challenges.


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